Aqua Large Corner

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Product Details

  • Woven fabric is used.
  • Cleaning methods such as cologne-wet towel-bleach that will damage the structure of the fabric are not suitable. It is suitable to be cleaned with a damp cloth and fabric cleaner solutions.
  • The skeleton is made of hornbeam kiln-dried timber and plywood-various parts are made of raw chipboard.
  • Our product includes a bed feature thanks to its back mechanism.
  • Ease of cleaning is provided by using high legs.
  • Product feet are made of metal material.
  • Armchair foot is made of metal material.
  • Seat foam provides medium soft comfort.

Product Dimensions and Prices

AQUA LIVINGROOM Width(in) Depth(in) Hight(in)
2 Seat Loveseat 76.0" 39.4" 31.5"
3 Seat Sofa 88.6" 39.4" 31.5"
4 Seat Sofa 113.4" 39.4" 31.5"
Armchair 28.7" 33.5" 35.4"
Relax Corner Sectional 120.1" 73.6" 31.5"
L-Shape Sectional 121.7" 121.7" 31.5"